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About Us

MTN TV Kenya

  • MTN-Kenya is both a Christian and secular based digital television channel broadcasting in English, Kiswahili and vernacular languages.


  • The 24-hour-channel is dedicated to serve all the Christians in the country and any other person who is  interested in our      broadcasting which is blended with development programmes.
  • The channel is specifically designed to cater for the day to day needs of the Christians of all ages and other viewers with a unique experience in broadcasting.
  • As an organization, we are therefore committed to providing the highest level of interactive programming which is anchored  on three pillars; informative, educative and entertaining.

MTN Kenya

  • It can be accessed through Signet platform in all free to air set boxes and digital TVs. (Startimes, Go Tv, BambaTv and Free to air)
  • And through our website www.mtnkenya.com.
  • Our social Media platforms are,


            Facebook: mtnkenyatvpreachers 

    Instagram: mtnkenyatv

Our Vision 

  • To become the leading independent  media house providing excellent  products and services at reasonable prices to every customer,every time.

Mission Statement :

  • Our customers are our priority, and we will provide them with quality experience which is second to none.
  • We recognize the importance of our employees in achieving this, we have provided a positive working environment which encourages loyalty, commitment and hard work.
  • At MTN TV Kenya we are committed to providing the highest level of interactive programming which is anchored on three pillars; informative, educative and entertaining and inline with our motto – “Entertainment with a family touch”.

Our Products

  • Spiritual Content broadcasting.
  • Live programs,live broadcasting and recorded contents
  • Ads development for broadcast.
  • Development, Executive and lifestyle documentary broadcasting.
  • Home friendly entertainment.
  • Music production.
  • Edutainment.
  • Air- time for promoting client brands, church events and meetings through advertisement and branded programmes(Airtime slots)
  • Scroll advertisement.
  • Outside Broadcasting.


  • MTN-Kenya targets the Christians of all ages and any other person interested in our programming.
  • Our target audience is varied, from the age of 8 years to 60 years of age; spread across Nairobi and its environs, Nakuru, Machakos, Kajiado, Embu, Meru, parts of Rift valley e.g Eldoret, Kericho,Western regions and online viewers all over the world.
  • And Currently, the television’s reaches more than a million people.


  • MTN TV-Kenya is the only digital Television channel that mirrors the true Christian/non Christian community’s hopes and aspirations and mirrors their experiences through our theme of
  • “Entertainment with a family touch”.
  • We are also committed to identifying and giving solutions to the various problems that affect our people in one way or another, from lack of church in showing the right direction when it comes to political matters and bad governance to food insecurity, spiritual and financial breakthroughs, knowledge of peoples’ rights; among many others. We empower our listeners by giving them information that can change their lives.

Why Advertise/Partner with us?

  • MTV-Kenya Commands a huge viewership through regular road shows, with a state of the art trucks.
  • The Target Audience has disposable income and purchasing power which guarantees our advertisers high returns.
  • We identify with all viewers through quality programming e.g. Sports, Business, Entertainment, Agriculture, Health, Property, Spiritual and Children programs.
Your No.1 Television Station

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