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Amina in the wrong ministry, strike will be longest ever, lecturers say

Amina Mohamed is in the wrong ministry, lecturers have said, and pledged they will not let her have any peace as this will be their longest strike ever.   Uasu Secretary General Constantine Wasonga said this on their behalf on Wednesday in an address to the press at the UoN before they marched on Nairobi’s streets.    “Amina should be ready for the longest strike ever,” he said, noting the people she is dealing with are learned.   The CS was transferred from the Foreign Affairs ministry to Education.   A charged Wasonga said the Cabinet Secretary does not understand the most basic issues for universities, such as the number of lecturers or how much vice chancellors collect from self-sponsored students.   “I was taken aback the other day when the CS admitted something like that publicly before a parliamentary committee,”he said.  He added: “If you (Amina) want peace, give them a better offer, not just a counter offer. We want structured salary negotiations … we will not accept a global figure.”  The lecturers took the industrial action on March 1 over the delayed implementation of their 2017-21 collective bargaining agreement.  Wasonga continued: “The CS does not know the number of employees in the university. How can a whole CS can admit that?” The Uasu official said the CBA negotiations should not be tied to job evaluation as the Minister suggested.

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