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Felix wazekwa will be arriving in Kenya from Paris in less than 48hrs time. Wazekwa will be performing at Deepwest Resort Nairobi the home of Entertainment in Kenya .He will be also live on Thursday 10.30pm on MTN Kenya in the big Rhumba program in Kenya NGOMA KITOKO Special by Prince.

Pdg Lingo who is President of all Congolese in Kenya , said all is set ready for the Congolese independence night on Friday 30th June.

CEO Deepwest Resort Mrs Akinyi said the security in and out of the venue is ready and all details of Wazekwa will be takens will be taken care off. Police and Deepwest Security officials will take charge from 28th June 9.00am .CCTV also working 24hrs .On Friday officials from DRC Embassy and Lisanga Ya ba Congolese will be also be coming for the event. Parking will be 24hrs under CCTV .


By Prince Ched D’Etat Major

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