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Felix Wazekwa

Felix Nlandu Wazekwa was born on 14 September 1962 in Kinshasa,father of 2 children Lemiran and Flety and married to the same wife since 1985,also uncle of artist Kabosé Bulembi
in private life, Felly like his friends call him is a very shy man,who considers himself like an eternal student,and who continues learning languages and his two favorite which are economics and politics
like himself sometimes says in interviews,he had to force himself overcoming his extreme shyness to start singing in front of people.
He is a loyal person but once you betray him he is quite radical,he really cares about family and friendship values and is very protective of his wife and kids,he refuses talking about them in interviews,
like he often says himself he did not become musician in obsession for money but rather for passion,he had a financially stable life even before starting musical career.
In fact,he worked for a decade as a chartered accountant and also owns and co-owns with a friend two “exotic” shops(dedicated to african food)
Apart business,Wazekwa also has his foundation to help poor people,which includes an orphanage in his native region,workshops in carpentry and brickwork,as like Wazekwa says those two  type of workers are vital to the development of a country.
So far,600 ex-street guys are under his responsibility,but he revealed when asked about his foundation on tv that he does not promote it on tv because he did not create the foundation to boost his popularity but rather to help people as Mr Nlandu Wazekwa rather that Wazekwa s’grave the music star.

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