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Germany helps Kenya’s battle against Covid-19

The German government is aiding Kenya’s capacity expansion to test more Covid-19 cases as the country battles the virus.

Under the arrangement, the German government announced it is supporting the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) to utilise its laboratories and staff to offer more testing for Covid-19 in Kenya, expanding the number of institutions capable of confirming the infections.

This arrangement, the German Embassy in Nairobi said on Monday, will help provide needed resources and experts against the virus disease.

The testing which can serve at least 800 people a day,  ill be carried out via ILRI’s new initiative called the One Health Research, Education and Outreach Centre for Africa (OHRECA) that will be officially launched later.

The programme will also be targeting to study possible ways of preventing future pandemics especially in zoonotic diseases, and improve food security in Kenya, officials said.

In Biology, zoonotic diseases are those which can infect animals, especially livestock, and later cross over into humans. This crossovers, scientists argue, sometimes makes it difficult to fight the disease as the virus may mutate.

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