Githeri Man , this guy was captured during Election Day In Nairobi 08th Aug 2017 Kayole Estate ,he has become a celeb. He can be seen in many pictures .

Githeri is a traditional meal of boiled maize and beans, also known as mutheri, which is filling, nutritious and cheap.

Since the hashtag #GitheriMan was created, there have been more than 43,000 posts and even an appeal to find the mystery man carrying what appears to be his lunch.

A widely-circulated photo of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta queuing to vote in Nairobi, was one of the first to be photoshopped to include Githeri Man offering her his food. Several other digitally-altered images put Githeri Man alongside two US presidents, Kim Kardashian, the Justice League and others, as collected by entertainment and lifestyle website SDE.

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