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hiv-testing picFor those interested to know their HIV status but fear visiting health facilities (VCT) we have good news for you as HIV self test kits are being introduced in the country and you now can test yourselves in the comfort of your homes with all the privacy you need.

The National Aids Control director has said the initiative is aimed at reaching those who are infected but do not know their status. This process will commence in Kenya by December this year.

The self test kit will go for about sh 1, 100, where one can collect a sample of their blood, do the test and see their results.

The director also said the self test will help close the testing gap as almost half a million people who should be on antiretroviral (ARV) are not aware of their HIV status and this will help them become aware and start taking drugs, mostly referring to young adults who fear going for tests in health facilities.

This is definitely the best way to discover your HIV status.

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