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The downpours in the Lake Victoria basin have officially exceeded the historic mark as the water level is at 13.42 metres, with more than 200 deaths reported in Kenya.

An assessment by Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC), whose results were released a week ago, shows the water volume of the world’s largest freshwater lake increased marginally compared to 13.41-metre mark recorded on May 5, 1964.

The surge, which threatens to continue, has thrown the East African Community’s (EAC) specialised institution into action.

It has proposed regional emergency and disaster preparedness strategies to avert more deaths and destruction.

Commission Executive Secretary Ali-Said Matano said the bursting of the shoreline can only be compared to an occurrence in the 1960s, adding, the rains could extend to July.

Dr Matano said abnormally heavy rainfall has been pounding Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania since October.

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