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US first lady Michelle Obama.

By Molly Kithinji.

America’s first lady Michelle Obama amazed the crowed with her heartfelt message to the audience in a bid to stop Donald Trump. Mrs. Obama disagreed with Trump’s behavior and supported the idea of possibly having a first female US president.

Bernie sanders however received boos and jeer from the crowd when he stood to give his speech in support to Hillary Clinton. The crowd booed in disagreement when he said he believed the former first lady would make an outstanding President. Bernie also went on to say he was proud to be Hillary’s running mate.

In her heart felt speech that seemed to calm the crowd Michelle Obama began to say that because of Hillary Clinton, her daughters and all American sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be America’s president.

She also mentioned that when Hillary lost to President Obama in 2008 elections she did not pack up and go home because her course as a true republican is bigger than her own desires and disappointments.

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