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Murkomen links woes to defending Constitution

You have been at the heart of government virtually all your political career, enjoying State power and its largess. How do you feel finding yourself in the current situation?

I have been at the helm of Jubilee politics since 2012 when Prof Kithure Kindiki and I were engaged to craft the Jubilee coalition agreement. Still, throughout that period, we fought for the mandate of the Senate all the way to the Supreme Court.

Even then, I never acted in bad faith. We held meetings with the President in Mombasa, at State House, and other places where I strongly defended the Senate and devolution. All this put me in trouble with the President. So I have always fought for what I believe in.

Some would say that you actually authored your own downfall. Why did you choose to fly too close to the sun?

I have seen the image of Daedalus and Icarus being used to explain my situation. Only if you are a supporter of dictatorship and absolute power can you use that analogy.

It is not a befitting image, because our proverbial sun is the Constitution. There are those who say that I should have defended the position of Jubilee at all times, but there is no collective responsibility in violating the Constitution. Party discipline and loyalty are subordinate to the Constitution.

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