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Musila leads Kamba leaders in welcoming Kenyatta-Odinga peace deal

The leaders, led by immediate former Kitui Senator David Musila, described the agreement reached by Kenyatta and Odinga on Friday last week as a move in the right direction.

In a joint statement read by Musila on Tuesday morning, the leaders who included former Kilome lawmaker Regina Ndambuki said by putting aside their differences for the good of the country, the two leaders had demonstrated true statesmanship.

“We would like to take this early opportunity to congratulate the two leaders on their exemplary, magnanimous and their patriotic leadership,” Musila told the media.

“This historic milestone calls for the unqualified support of all right-thinking Kenyans including leaders of all political formations and parties. We call on the Kamba nation to rally behind this noble historical initiative for the good of our people,” he said.

Musila called upon leaders from the Ukambani region to shun divisive politics and focus on nation building adding “gone are the days when one individual appropriated the thinking of a community to themselves.”

He said unity was critical to achieving economic progress in the country hence the need to support President Kenyatta’s commitment to national cohesion.

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