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Old Town falls silent as locals stay indoors

The streets are narrow. Residents peek curiously through shuttered windows as we stroll in Old Town, Mombasa.

On an ordinary day, three-wheeler vehicles, popularly known as tuk-tuks, would be rumbling up and down the streets as residents go about their business.

Now, silence rules. The vibrant life of the ancient town is gone. Entry points have been barricaded and streets deserted. The main thoroughfares — Makadara Road and Digo Road — are police territory.

There are at least 15 roadblocks manned by armed police and watched by security cameras.

Shops are closed and so is the famous Marikiti market, which at a time like this would be a beehive of activity, especially during these last 10 days of Ramadhan.

Some Marikiti traders have crossed over to Bondeni, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, whose existence some locals dismissed as a myth and finally saw them being put under lockdown.

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