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Teachers hired by schools to miss May pay

Thousands of schools are struggling to maintain teachers employed by the boards of management on payroll as Covid-19 takes a heavy toll on the country’s basic education.

The tutors are hired by parents to support those posted to schools by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).
Some learning institutions have sent the teachers and instructors on unpaid leave. Others have not paid their salaries for the last two months, the Nation has established.


The country is grappling with a shortage of some 130,000 primary and secondary school teachers. While the average teacher to learner ratio is 1:45, most schools operate on 1:60 or more.
The commission says more than 30,000 teachers are employed by school boards.

Principals interviewed said they have run short of funds to pay the teachers since schools are not getting anything from the Ministry of Education.

Siaya Education Director Joseph Wamocho said 60 per cent of teachers in the county are recruited by school boards. Lwak Girls — a national school — has 35 such teachers while Ng’iya Girls has 28.

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