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By Molly Kithinji.

Life saving team at the Nice terror scene.

84 people have died following a terrorist act that took place along the famous Promenade Des Angelais in London .They met their sudden death after being hit by a driver believed to be a terrorist as they were gathered for Bastille celebrations yesterday around 10.30 pm.

Among them ten children lost their lives while 50 more are undergoing treatment at the children’s hospital in Nice.

The policemen on guard tried to stop the driver to no avail. He instead increased speed swerving from side to side to kill as many people as possible and pulled out his gun. Police shot him dead on the spot.

Thus was clearly a ruthless terrorist attack that the French President described as a “monstrous act.”The president has declared three days of national mourning that commence on Saturday.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the deceased. May God comfort them during this trying time.

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